The First $50,000

Do you want to know how much renovating a house costs?

Way more than you think it would.

Here’s a breakdown of how we’ve managed to spend over $50,000. All figures are approximated.

  • *Roof: $22,000
  • Doors & windows: $7,000
  • *Back wall: $6,000
  • Tools: $3,000
  • Siding: $2,000
  • Paperwork: $2,000
  • Trailer: $1,500
  • Odds and Ends: $1,000
  • *Grading: $1,000
  • *Water system update: $900
  • *Pellet stove update: $700
  • Kitchen: $500
  • Plumbing: $500
  • Trash: $500
  • Paint: $500
  • Septic: $400
  • Flooring: $400
  • Garage: $300
  • Electric: $400
  • Drywall: $200
  • HVAC: $150
  • Gutters: $150

*Finished project. The other totals will continue to increase as we keep working.

We’ve actually spent more than that now, but it gets you somewhat of an idea of where we are at.

The roofing is by far the most expensive part of our renovation so far. We did it ourselves, but we also used a three-ply commercial rolled roofing system that was not cheap. We also needed wood, insulation, and lots of other things to get a completely new roof on.

Doors and windows can get costly. This includes two new large windows with window wells, two new garage doors and openers, two other doors on the garage, and a small hopper window. The garage doors were a bit of splurge so that I could get window in the garage. They are the only thing we have hired out so far. I don’t regret that.

The back wall actually cost less than I was expecting. Concrete blocks are not expensive, but masonry is harder than it looks. This was the highest labor project, as we spent so much time digging out the space for this wall by hand.

We’ve spent a lot of money on tools as well–saws and saw blades and drills and nail guns and everything we needed to do this work.

I expected the renovation to cost a little over $100,000, though my optimistic total was more like $65,000. This is for builder-grade finishes–nothing fancy. And it is all materials and no labor cost, so if we hired this renovation out, it would have probably cost at least $200,000. And I don’t think we would have been able to hire it out anyway, since it’s such a unique project.

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