How We Got This House

I assumed we wouldn’t live in Utah again. We lived in Nevada and Wyoming and while I wanted to go back home, at times I didn’t think we would be able to. Jobs didn’t may enough and housing was too expensive anyway.

And then my husband got a job at Dead Horse Point State Park. It was very remote and I didn’t want to move there. But we did it anyway.

I have loved living in Utah again and being closer to families. Moab was remote, but the three or four drive was so much better than seven or eight hour drives to visit parents and siblings. We were also always looking for better work opportunities that weren’t so remote.

I never considered living in this house. There are no bedrooms, after all. It was a fun place to visit, but it was always my grandparent’s home, not a family home.

When my Grandma Jane died, my Grandpa Claude planned to live in his house over the summer and then move in with my parents. He couldn’t drive and wanted to make his care more convenient. The house would be empty.

It was my mom’s house, but she didn’t really want it or know what to do with it.

And we started thinking about living in this house.

There are a lot of state parks up by this house–one is five minutes away, and quite a few more are very close. Dillon could very well get a job up in this area if we waited long enough.

While this house needed a lot of work, we always wanted to renovate anyway. We went through it and took pictures, imagining what we would do with this property.

We had always wanted to keep it in the family, but it sat empty for some time and no one really visited it. Then in October 2018, I was depressed and frustrated with living so remotely. My kids were struggling, particularly my oldest, and she needed school right then.

And with this house available, I moved in with my kids.

I had powerful spiritual impressions at that time that this house was supposed to be our home. I could feel it when I was there. I don’t know if we necessarily wanted such a big project, but the Lord wanted us to have this house and keep it in our family. It was my Grandpa’s house, after all. He had built it and my family loved this house over the years.

And so we started living in Peoa, thinking about how we could make this house our home.

to be continued . . .

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