Everything I wanted in my house:

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Separate living room and family rooms
  • Smaller bedrooms; bigger living space
  • Laundry room in my bathroom
  • Detached garaged
  • Large yard with garden
  • Large windows
  • Bright
  • Cats, dogs, chickens
  • Somewhere with neighbors
  • Quiet
  • Walk to schools
  • Clean

I have watching HGTV for a long time. I loved watching people design homes and look for homes and renovate homes. I wanted to own my own house, and when Dillon and I had only known each other a short time, we sat and we planned out what our house would look like someday.

It was somewhere in-between rural and suburban, with an archery range and a garden. I could see the like we could have together in that house plan.

Over the years, we always looked at houses, often as we were job searching in locations we would like to live. We saved up money for a down payment. I wasn’t really that picky at all–I just wanted our own space.

I have loved working on the homes that we lived in, gradually learning how a house could become a home. In our home in Nevada (free housing provided by his job), I started decorating in earnest. We removed wallpaper and painted the whole house. We covered up the fraying carpet with rugs. I bought my first big piece of furniture (a couch), and then I quickly hated it (couches are like that).

I sorted my books by color and size. I pinned inspirational images and tried to copy elements of them. I combined vintage dining chairs, cut out patterned letters, and attempted different arrangements.

I loved it. In Wyoming, I grew a clover patch. I couldn’t paint the wall paneling, but I ended up liking it anyway. I put cornstarch on pieces of paper and hung them on walls, and then switched that out with contact paper. I built a bookshelf out of a scrap wood. I screwed together a sandbox.

Near Moab, I hung up a colorful pendant banner over the toys. I rearranged different rooms for different functions. We painted everything, and then moved next door and painted everything again.

And we were always hoping for the day when we would own our own.

We didn’t every look for a house. We never contacted a realtor and went to lots of different showings. We never made an offer. We didn’t pick out our house from a variety of options.

But I think we got our dream house anyway.

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