Everything I wanted in my house: 4 bedrooms2 bathroomsSeparate living room and family roomsSmaller bedrooms; bigger living spaceLaundry room in my bathroomDetached garagedLarge yard with gardenLarge windowsBrightCats, dogs, chickensSomewhere with neighborsQuietWalk to schoolsClean I have watching HGTV for a long time. I loved watching people design homes and look for homes and renovate homes. I… Continue reading Dreams


The First $50,000

Do you want to know how much renovating a house costs? Way more than you think it would. Here's a breakdown of how we've managed to spend over $50,000. All figures are approximated. *Roof: $22,000Doors & windows: $7,000*Back wall: $6,000Tools: $3,000Siding: $2,000Paperwork: $2,000Trailer: $1,500Odds and Ends: $1,000*Grading: $1,000*Water system update: $900*Pellet stove update: $700Kitchen: $500Plumbing:… Continue reading The First $50,000